Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One Week's Worth

Here is my week's worth of photos. All of them were taken this week, nothing exceptional but I got some pretty neat sky shots. Tell me what you think! Mary-Hannah C. McGuffey

Beautiful reflection. One of Jesse's building experiments got sprayed by our sprinkler.

Yes, they call it big sky country for a reason!

Five pretty deer drink in the river near our house. I like the contrast.
Beautiful Montana sunshine pours through my window, unhindered by even a single cloud. This is the bright sunshine that I will always remember, the heat on your shoulders that tells you there is a sunburn coming, but still you play out in it for hours, hoping the sky will never again be darkened by a rain cloud. Under this sky children catch grasshoppers, and earn the badge of bright freckles on their noses. Sandcastles are built, rivers floated, and gardens grown, all under the watchful eye of our golden sunlight. Is it any wonder they write songs about it?

1 comment:

  1. Hey Miss Mary-Hannah,
    All very nice...as usual.
    My favorite photo is of the deer.
    Take care,
    Mrs. S. 8-)