Saturday, August 14, 2010

Canon Powershot... the 2nd

Hey all, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been very busy lately and just got around to taking some more pictures today. I think I should let you all know that I now have (prepare yourself for this) in my possession (this is SO exciting) a NEW camera! It is the newer, bigger, badder version of my old Canon Powershot. Now, a moment for confessions. Yes, your suspicions are being confirmed,
Canon the first and I were having some... relationship conflicts. She insisted that I didn't give her enough credit, and that she had to do "all of the work around here". As hard as it is to say this, I think it was time for her to go. My new Canon and I are getting along marvelously. He is brilliant, clever, and his zoom is much more to my liking. (His political beliefs are also more aligned with mine.) Everyone says that I am jumping into this all too fast, but what can I say, love is blind. Anyway, enough with the talk, let me show you some of his work.

Above: Dad's old tractor is probably one of the more photographed farm vehicles in the nation.
Below: My view from the camera. I'm telling you, it is going to be a sad day in the McGuffey household when those old mis-matched sneakers finally give up the ghost. I've had them for fo
ur and a half years now and they are still too big. They're kind of like a good dog, you just love them.

For a noxious weed, Knap weed is definitely beautiful. In small plots all over our ranch it slowly chokes out the grass and sets up an establishment of it's own. I wouldn't mind having it instead of grass if it weren't for the fact that Knap weed has, essentially no nutritional value; not ideal for horse feed.

This photogenic little patch was right in our back yard.
That will conclude the post for today. I'm sure Canon II would love to hear your feedback on his pictures.
Thank you!
Mary-Hannah Christina McGuffey


  1. I hate knapweed! It takes forever to cut down with the weedeater. Like all weeds, it's great at surviving!
    May wanna tell your camera that his color is beautiful but it's hard to tell what he's trying to focus on!
    And I hope that tractor gets fixed someday.
    That's all. haha

  2. Thank you for the input, I'll try to work on my focus, I guess that is part of what I like though... the abstract. Anyway, my apologies for the weird "them" down at the side of the picture, I can't fix it. Oh well, it doesn't really matter in the whole scheme of things, right?
    You guys rock!