Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Please vote!

Before being revamped by Mary-Hannah's over-editing machine:

After being revamped by Mary-Hannah's over-editing machine:

I honestly can't decide which I like better. Usually, I think that if a picture can get by with no to minimal editing, that is better. I have never wanted to be one of those fake photographers who edits to the utmost degree every single picture that he or she may take. That being said, it was SO much fun to go crazy on this one! I cross processed it which seemingly brought the crepuscular rays to life. They shower the couple in warm, almost hallucinatory light, which is indubitably my favorite aspect of this picture. I also like the effect that it had on the smokey blue, late summer sky. Via the comment option, would you please vote on which you like better?
Love you all,

P.S. Sorry about the UGLY date in the bottom right hand corner of the pictures. I think I have gotten it off of my camera now, but on these, you'll just have to try and ignore it. :-P