Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sunflowers... I Think, and One Incredibly Adorable Little Boy

My brother, Jesse found these pretty flowers in one of our fields. They look like sunflowers, but are a little bit smaller than most. Anyway, I thought that they looked like a pretty nice photography project, so I went after them with my camera. What do you think?

Shot #1. Sheep Mountain in the background.
Shot #2. Over-exposed but I still like it.

Shot #3. I think this one probably turned out the best. If you can't tell I like getting more than one perspective on an object.

And last of all, shot #4. This is a closeup of my little brother Jesse, the one who picked the flowers. Jesse is almost nine, and is an intelligent fun-loving little boy. Sometime I'll post a clearer picture. I took about 15 more shots of the flowers, but didn't want to post all of them. Hope you like them!
Mary-Hannah Christina McGuffey
AND Canon Powershot 111

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