Friday, August 26, 2011

My Kid Brother (A.K.A The Greatest Little Guy in the World)

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Jesse Joseph Dean McGuffey, my beloved younger brother. Every summer we take pictures of him to send to his biological mother on his birthday. I got somewhat carried away on our little photo shoot in the garden and at the park, and took 116 pictures. (FYI, that is a lot!) . Cannon has yet to recover. In all actuality I am prone to take tons of pictures and use only a fraction of them. It gives me more of a margin to choose from so that I end up with better quality photos. Anyway, here are the latest pictures of the infamous Jesse. I hope you like them!
Handsome Boy
He barely fits in the slide anymore!Jesse, age 10After I took this picture he said, "Mary-Hannah, I was trying to go through the tire but you kept on telling me to hold still!"


  1. Nice shots of Mr. Jesse Joseph...what a handsome man.
    I can so hear Jesse saying that to you about the tire. 8~)

  2. AW!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR LITTLE BROTHER AND HE LOVES ME (he tells me thies EVERY time he see's me) Good job Chica

  3. Did I ever tell you how ah-dorable he is?! Those are GREAT photos of him! I especially like the one with the black and white background and him in color. Pretty sool. I like to edit photos like that - a lot. :) Good work bestie!

  4. More! More! More!